The globally inspired cuisine at Sage is made from scratch to delight the senses, fuel the body, satisfy the soul and protect the planet. With an innovative take on traditional dishes from around the world, our menu highlights local, fresh, organic and seasonal produce, sustainable meat, eggs and poultry, wild-caught fish and seafood, beneficial whole grains, artisanal products, and house-made breads and pastries.

Our tonics and elixirs are based on Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine. Many of our blends are from Elemental Apothecary. We feature Jun Kombucha on tap, which is crafted with raw local honey and organic green tea at Ojai’s Revel, and mixed with our own syrups and herbal powders and extracts formulated by Rehmannia at Shaman Shack.

Our culinary consciousness and commitment to community and well-being is bolstered by more than 20 years in the natural foods business in Ojai. With a belief in the wisdom of food as medicine, we are respectful of diverse dietary needs, and aim to serve those on paleo, keto, vegan, low-carb, gluten-free, dairy-free, Ayurvedic, or low-lectin diets with delicious food in a welcoming and joyous environment.

Whether for a meal or happy hour on the patio under the sycamores in the Arcade Plaza park, or a quick bite at the Elixir bar, we hope to see you at Sage.


In 1996 we bought a tiny natural food store which has grown into the community gathering place we call Rainbow Bridge. Our intent then and now has been to create an environment that offers and promotes a healthy lifestyle, through nutritional education and consciousness. The natural food industry continues to evolve with new discoveries and food awareness, and we felt it our responsibility to offer that to the dining community of Ojai with our newest creation, Sage.

Many people have sensitivities and allergies that make it difficult to dine out, we have thought of that and more. Many people look for a quick meal made from fresh ingredients, and cares about the environment. We handle that by serving on dishes rather than disposables, composting our waste, and buying local and seasonal. Many people want to trust the ingredients in their elixirs and protein drinks that heal as well as fill the tummy. Most want local, organic vegetable juice made FRESH THAT DAY. And although, we believe that a strong plant-based diet is important, we also understand that not everyone needs a vegan diet for optimum health. So we have incorporated local, sustainable meats, fish and poultry. Our food is prepared in a variety of styles, be it paleo, keto, low carb, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, Ayurvedic and of course, the anti-inflammatory, low lectin method. We offer baked goods both with organic flours or dairy as well as gluten free/low-lectin options.

We saw the need to fill a gap for healthy fare, with dietary restrictions in mind, that tastes divine, is globally inspired and fits a majority of people’s dining pleasures. We are aiming to feed everyone who wants to eat healthy food that tastes really good.

We asked ourselves, how do we meet all these requirements and still make it delicious and doable? I guess that is why it has taken us nearly 5 years to complete. We have the experienced Chef Michael leading a talented kitchen crew. Domanique Madrid runs the front of the house with an amazing team. With years of experience between us, our motivation is to leave a legacy of healthy eating.


Michael Chavez-Martinez originally trained in French cuisine under the scrutiny and perfection of proven, culinary traditions. Through his early years, his travels through Europe, UAE and the US made him a global, culinary enthusiast and honed his skills both in classic and modern techniques.

In the same global tradition, Michael insists on seasonality and sustainability of the food he serves today. Upon arrival to Ojai, he set out to connect with small, local farms, farmer’s markets, organic bakers and regional fish and meat purveyors, in order to utilize the freshest, most organic, seasonal products available for our menu.

Chef Michael has worked and collaborated with a myriad of established chefs, including Anthony Bourdain, Jacques Pepin, Ludo Lefebvre and Mark Gold, to name a few. He looks forward to sharing his philosophy on preparation and product, and building a culinary team that highlights the best tastes, service and healthful options for our community and those who visit us in Ojai.

Chef Michael Chavez-Martinez & Commis Francesca Lopez

Dharma & Dog

Sharing the same building as Sage Mindful Meals, Dharma & Dog is an emporium for Pets & People, where we carry a mission to promote a healthy zen lifestyle for you and your pets,  with fair-trade items and/or environmentally sourced products to nurture the mind and soul. To learn more, visit our Rainbow Bridge website at www,